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The Sun over Batavia

on Thu, 09/24/2015 - 05:55
Chinese Hospital in Jakarta
Chinese Hospital in Batavia in the 18th century

Klik Batavia is a complete website about Batavia. Therefore it is incomplete if there is no novel telling life in this old town, making it a stage of romantic suspense.

This novel is based from a real life in Batavia, a historical research in the year 1737-1740 where the majority of its inhabitants was the Chinese and the ruler was the Dutch. Life among the Dutch in Batavia at that time was very religious and dominated by Calvinist. On the other hand the life at Chinese quarter outside the city wall is dominated by Chinese temple activity.

This novel is telling a story of a Sinshe (Chinese Traditional Doctor) who worked in the Chinese Hospital. However this hospital has been demolished, left no trace and forgotten. It is a story of the sinshe and a Dutch girl who half-bred Chinese. The background of their love is the tragedy of 1740 when the Chinese led by Khe Panjang attack the city and the Chinese were slaughtered.

Written by an historian Chen Ming Sien, this novel will speak in serial story. The novel has different form with one way communication of traditional novel. Oppose to that it is a two ways communication where the reader could give comment and having discussion to each other.