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Jakarta-Bogor By KRL Train

Since the time of Governor General Gustaf van Imhoff in the mid 18th century Bogor was a cool resting place and a tourist destination. Although the weather is now no longer cool, but still it is a tourist destination. As a result, every Saturday and Sunday traffic in this city suffered severe congestion.

In the ancient time in Batavian did not know that drinking water must be cooked first. Batavian took drinking water from filthy Ciliwung River. The deposite of river water was precipitated and directly drunk without being cooked before, hence there were so many people got bellyache.  The only water considered to be very clean and free of disease was from Bogor. So besides giving the image of  a tourist town, Bogor is also the clean rainy town.

Bogor since the mid-19th century has become a city of which population started solid and transportation to Jakarta turn into more intensive. Hence the government constructed railway network. The train tracks connecting Jakarta-Bogor was opened by the Netherlands-Indies Spoorweg Maatschappij 31 January 1873 with a length of 55 kilometers. At that time Bogor was still a small town with a station built in 1881. This railway transportation continued to grow until the new order in which the diesel trains was converted into electric ones, Kereta Rangkai Listrik or abbreviated KR,  driven by electricity.

Nowadays as with the toll road connecting Jakarta-Bogor jammed every day, more people are choosing KRL for faster transportation. Despite having jostle in the train carriage, but for a quick up and very cheap ticket prices, KRL become the preference of transportation mode for those who do not want to be stuck in traffic. Look, the travel time from Bogor station to Stasiun Kota or central station in North Jakarta by the Toll road and lengthen with ordinary road can reach 3 hours or more. However by KRL only takes 1.5 hours.

Passengers jostled on the train not only on weekdays, also on the day off for the stations at either end of the railway line is closed to a place of tourism. In the southern terminus, Bogor station, located near Bogor botanical gardens that was built by Gustaf von Imhoff where there are a wide variety of plants in the archipelago, even the plant originated from the forest of Sumatra called Bunga Bangkai is here.   There is also the presidential palace which was once the office of Governor General Daendels in the early 19th century. Now, as President of Indonesia often use this palace in the holidays, and conducting a walk or a bike ride such as in the car-free day, then every day off Bogor always crowded. Many people from Jakarta who visited Bogor chose to ride the KRL to avoid congestion on the toll way.

In opposite, the north end Stasiun Kota is located in the old city of Jakarta which is a tourist spot. In the holidays many people from Bogor like walking in this historic old town. Beside the Jakarta History Museum, in the town there is also Bank Indonesia museum, Bank Mandiri Museum, the Puppet Museum, the Textile Museum, Toko Merah, Jembatan Ayam, Maritime Museum, which all are very important for the education of the younger generation. In the 1990's until 2010an, for the very much number of passengers, among these passengers are upward sitting at the top of the carriages.

Because sitting on the carriage roof is very dangerous, finally the KRL management putting barbed wire on the carriage roof so that none of the passengers sitting on it. At that time there were two kinds of KRL, the first was air conditioned Pakuan KRL that did not stop at all stations but ticket prices was expensive Rp 11,000. The second is economic KRL that stops at all stations, the ticket costed only Rp 2,500 but kept the door open, not air conditioned, the carriage was ugly, and full of buskers and beggars. Of course this KRL type was very unsafe because of many pickpocket and thief. In addition the station was also very bad and disorderly with many buskers, beggars, street vendors.

But it is now changed. Now there is only one kind KRL that stops at every station, but all carriage are air conditioned, clean and safe as it includes security guards milling. The ticket price is Cheap Rp 5,000, - to travel from Bogor to Jakarta city. singers, hawkers and beggars banned from entry into the station. No more passenger sitting at the roof of carriages. All are inside the carriage of which doors are closed and air conditioned. Not only in the train carriage, inside the station there is no longer singer, beggars and hawkers. Instead, in the  station there are Indomaret, café starbucks, KFC and others. The stations are changed completely as they are clean and safe, so stations between Bogor - Jakarta turn into elite places. Even now the ticket is electronic and one must pass through electronic guarded gates. Indeed, entering the station is like going into the mall.

In Bogor station parking lots are very spacious but safe. So the Bogorian prefer to ride a car or motorcycle to the station and park there, then ride the KRL to go to their offices in Jakarta. They return to Bogor in the evening riding KRL to the station and then by car or a motor home. Thus they are not stuck in gridlock traffic and save costs. That's why in the morning and afternoon KRL carriages packed with passengers. Amazingly the passengers always succumb to the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities to give their seat. In the carriage there is also seats for those with special needs. In Bogor stations there are taxi motorcycles, but not just any taxi motorcycles, they are listed in Bogor station and wear uniforms. But beware, if you are a smoker do not try smoking in trains, you will be reprimanded by other passengers because smoking in the carriage is forbidden.

For those of you who have never rode Bogor-Jakarta KRL, why not try it? You will feel a special experience of being in old stations such as Bogor Station, Manggarai Station and Central Station, but with modern service facilities. See you there.

Parking Lot in Bogor Station