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Goodemorgen Batavian.

Welcome  to Klik Batavia! A place for discussing Batavia, the old town of Jakarta. As the admin I hope that you experience the past. Although many people talk about Batavia, there is no website that seriously focused discussing this old town.

The region of Batavia is only one square kilometer, very-very small compare to the area of Indonesia. However, as she is the old town of the capital city, she is the mirror of old town development in all Indonesia. A long history of the town beginning from VOC, when the town was built as an imitation of Amsterdam, until the era of Pak Ahok as the governor, she always shows her dynamics that never end. 

Klik Batavia is needed by all who loves the old town or those who do not care at all. For those who loves the old town the website is a home to express their concern, their collective memory on Batavia. For those who do not care about the old town, we have to make them interested in Batavia. Why? The old town Jakarta – Batavia is the identity of Jakarta in the Internet era. Do not look at beautiful Amsterdam from new papers or TV, we have encourage our devotion to old Jakarta – Batavia.

For the young, the student, the old town is the site to learn art, architecture, urban healt, even the urban economics. For researcher in the field mentioned above or other disciplines, the old town is an interesting object to be digged. For common people, the old town is a memory of the past. The old town is a refreshing space from the sick modern city, full of high rise building, traffic jam, and like any other city in developing country, slum area,

All about Batavia! Express what is in your mind about the old town Jakarta by writing in the blog, the comment, as well as participating in a discussion forum. Even, reading the article in menu of Klik Batavia is already an important participation in being bound to the old town.

Let’s experience the mystery of Batavia!

Admin Klik Batavia

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