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Ice Selendang Mayang

Selendang Mayang means shawl of a virgin, a name referring to a beautiful girl who dances.  If you go to the old city of Jakarta, after entering the various museums you must be tired and thirsty. Moreover, during the sweltering afternoon, you will look for a refreshing drink. On the edge of the square Jakarta History Museum there are many sellers of drinks, one of which is the ice Selendang Mayang. Try one glass, deal price only 6000 Rupiahs or US$ 0.6, ice Selendang Mayang is going to make you fresh and also full stomach. Why? That's what we write here.

Of the color it would have been interesting because there are red, green, white and the dominant color is pink so that women will buy. The feminine color and its name show the dominance of women. The pink color is the shawl that is used during the dance, while other colors are color-driven luxuriance shawl gracefully. Or there is also the associate pink colors are the shawl, while the white color referring to a Virgin.

The seller put this drink in a small pole with some plastic glasses for each portion. Because selling this ice does not require a wide space, the seller takes place in the corner, and surrounded by the buyer. In the old days, before the Square of Jakarta History Museum is not visited by many tourists, this drink is very popular among old people for remembering their childhood. People believe that Ice Selendang Mayang is a drink that has been known for a very long time. This drink is now known as Betawi beverage; of course it was very popular in Batavia – old Jakarta.

Bright color is perfect in the New Year as a drink in the hope that the New Year will give brightness. Indeed, in the days entering the New Year ice Selendang Mayang is the drink that is in demand despite the drizzle.

Ice Selendang Mayang is made from wheat flour, sago palm starch, water, pandan leaves, pink food coloring, green food coloring, milk, ice cubes, jackfruit, brown sugar, granulated sugar and a little salt. Meanwhile, making Ice Selendang Mayang is cooking a Syrup first, boil 750 ml of water and add the brown sugar, granulated sugar, pandan leaves and salt, after boiling and then cool it and strain it. For the Selendang Mayang, mix all the flour, salt and water, stirring until the solution was mixed, divided into 3 dough and fill it with green and pink. After that cook the solution that is already colored in green until cooked and cast in molds, let it cool, and cook another solution in a white color. After it is cooked, while still hot, pour it over the green one and the pink one, make sure the dough has chilled so they stick perfectly one to another. After the dough is cool and shaped like a pudding, cut into pieces according to your taste, set them in a bowl together with palm sugar, coconut milk and add ice cubes.

Is it complicated? Let’s try!

- Rosa Liem -


Ice Selendang Mayang