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4. Hidden in Bintang Mas

In the meantime, Tambahsia act became worse. What troubled the Chinese community was that it disturbed other people’s wife. Although still fairly teenager, Tambah was already famous as a masher. It was said that people hide their daugther, for fear of being seen by Oey Tambah or his accomplices. Generally he used the power of money to achieve his intentions, and was usually successful. Sometimes he used violence. More precisely, it was his henchmen who commit violence of all means, expecting a great gift from their master.

Oey had a vacation house in Ancol named Bintang Mas. The place was not only used for fun of the owner, but also for a meeting place with the women who was successfully persuaded his accomplices and hide them at this place.

One day an accomplice saw a beautiful woman in the Tongkangan area. But they turned out that the woman was already married to a peddler. With the help of a matchmaker, Tambahsia managed to attract the young woman whose life was lacking. While her husband went around hawking merchandise, his wife took the horse cart to Bintang Mas for a date with Tambahsia. Gradually the fraud was also smelled by the husband. At the height of the dispute, the wife quietly left her home to settle in Ancol. Her husband was looking for everywhere, but no one knew where she was going. One day the poor husband got the information that his wife was "kept" in Bintang Mas. Without wasting any more time he searched for her.

In front of the vacation house he shouted his wife's name. He could not get in because he was blocked by guards who even tried to dislodge the rowdy maker, but no result. Oey Tambah and the peddler's wife happened to be in the house. Finally they were worried to see the act of the man who like a possessed man. Tambahsia told his men to prepare a horse cart so they could get out of there.

The horsecart carrying the couple was moving toward Pasar Ikan (the Fish Market). The crazy peddler who knew his wife was rushed, immediately chased the bumpy horse cart. In a short time he was far behind. But he still tried to chase them no matter what, eventually he fell down and ran out of steam. Since then he has never been seen again. He never came home, while his house remained locked. It was said that he committed suicide by plunging into the sea, but his body was never found.